Specialists in Linear Flow Analysis


Upcoming Conferences

  • ASME TURBO EXPO 2015: June 15-19, 2015, Montreal, Canada
  • 14th ISUAAAT (International Symposium on Unsteady Aerodynamics, Aeroacoustics and Aeroelasticity of Turbomachines) : September 2015, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

RPMTurbo Presentations

Papers written by Dr. Paul Petrie-Repar on Linear Flow Analysis

  • Advanced Flutter Analysis of a Long Shrouded Steam Turbine Blade ( Download PDF  PDF 0.7 Mb) by P.J.Petrie-Repar, V. Makhnov, N. Shabrov, E. Smirnov, S. Galaev & K. Eliseev, GT2014-23335 at ASME TURBO EXPO, in Düsseldorf on 16-20 June, 2014
  • Three-Dimensional Non-Reflecting Boundary Condition for Linearized Flow Solvers by P.J.Petrie-Repar, GT2010-23335 at ASME TURBO EXPO, in Glasgow Scotland on 14-18 June, 2010
  • Three-Dimensional Viscous Flutter Analysis of Standard Configuration 10 by P.J.Petrie-Repar, A.M.McGhee and P.A.Jacobs, GT2007-27800 at ASME TURBO EXPO, in Montreal Canada on 14-17 May 2007
  • Analytical Maps of Aerodynamic Damping as a Function of Operating Condition for a Compressor Profile by P.J.Petrie-Repar, A.M.McGhee, P.A.Jacobs and R. Gollan GT2006-90829 at ASME TURBO EXPO in Barcelona, Spain on 8-11 May 2006
  • Development of an Efficient and Robust Linearised Navier-Stokes Flow Solver.
    by P.J.Petrie-Repar. Presented at the 10th ISUAAAT 2003.
  • Development of an Efficient Linearised Navier-Stokes Solver for Turbomachinery Applications.
    by P.J.Petrie-Repar. Presented at the 13th STAB/DGLR Symposium Munich, Germany 2002.
    Published in New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics IV.

Best practice guidelines for turbomachinery CFD


RPMTurbo uses the following software packages:

  • Ubuntu - Linux based operating system
  • ParaView - Flow visualization
  • Python - Scripting language for processing data
  • Metis - Mesh Partitioning
  • Eclipse - Integrated Development Environment
  • CGNS - Industry standard for exporting and sharing CFD solutions / results
  • gnuplot - Plotting program

Paul Petrie-Repar's Ph.D. Thesis

Title: Numerical Simulation of Diaphragm Rupture