Standard Configurations for Unsteady Flow Through Vibrating Axial-Flow Turbomachine-Cascades (STCF)

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Status as of July 1998. Compiled by T. H. Fransson and M. Jöcker.


The existing set of 10 configurations for unsteady flow through vibrating axial-flow turbomachine cascades is extended by the "Standard Configuration 11". This configuration represents a turbine blade geometry with transonic design flow conditions characterized by a normal shock impinging on 75 % real chord on the suction side. Out of a set of test cases covering all relevant flow regimes two cases were selected for publication: A subsonic, attached flow case and an off-design transonic case showing a separation bubble at about 30% real chord on the suction side. The performed tests are shown to be repeatable and suitable for code validations of numerical models predicting flutter in viscous flows. All tests were performed at the annular non-rotating test facility situated at the EPF Lausanne. The present data and geometry are given at midspan, nearly no measurements were made at other blade heights. However, the 3D shape of the blade is prismatic (which means a variable pitch-to-chord ratio over the channel height). The 3D geometry definition can be obtained by stacking the midspan plane profile in radial direction; the tip gap is 0.8mm according to the model drawings. A document available provides detailed information on the 3D geometry and the 3D blade motion as reconstructed from available drawings and reports. The data were published with the permission of ABB, which is gratefully acknowledged.

Standard Configuration 11 is introduced and discussed in a publication presented at the ASME TURBO EXPO 1998, Stockholm, Sweden (paper 98-GT-490), which is published in:

T.H. Fransson, M. Jöcker, A. Bölcs, P. Ott; 1999
"Viscous and Inviscid Linear/Nonlinear Calculations Versus Quasi 3D Experimental Data for a new Aeroelastic Turbine Standard Configuration";
Journal of Turbomachinery; Volume 121, No. 1, October 1999, pp. 717-725) Abstract (PDF, 10 KB).

Eleventh standard configuration (Low pressure annular turbine cascade, subsonic and transonic off-design with separated flow)

nomenclature_stcf11.pdf Nomenclature (pdf, 16kB)
STCF11.geo.dat 2D-geometry definition of Standard Configuration 11
STCF11.100.dat subsonic case steady and unsteady data measured at EPF Lausanne, cases 100-119
STCF11.200.dat transonic off-desing steady and unsteady data mesaured at EPF Lausanne, cases 200-209
publ_calculationresults.xls Published results of computations with various codes (excel file, 405 kB)
updated fortran code (f77, IBM) to read and edit the downloadable files documenting Standard Configuration 11
(STCF11.geo.dat, STCF11.100.dat, STCF11.200.dat)
STCF11_3D.pdf Information for 3D Computations of the STCF 11 test cases (pdf, 283 kB)