Specialists in Linear Flow Analysis


RPMTurbo is an engineering consultancy specializing in linear flow analysis for turbomachinery such as steam turbines, jet engines and gas turbines. Linear flow analysis is used to analyze the following design problems:

Advanced 3D Linear Flow Analysis for Turbomachinery

A key component to analyzing blade flutter, jet engine noise and forced response problems is determining the unsteady flow. Linear flow analysis can be used to accurately predict the unsteady flow when a single time frequency dominates and the flow perturbations are small. This assumption is valid for many aeroelastic and aeroacoustic problems in turbomachines. Linear flow analysis is 10 to 100 times faster than conventional time domain methods and just as accurate for most cases. RPMTurbo has developed an advanced 3D linearized flow solver with the following features:

RPMTurbo can also perform multi-row steady-state flow calculations using a 3D non-reflecting mixing plane.

RPMTurbo can perform customized analysis because RPMTurbo has developed its own steady and linearized flow solvers. RPMTurbo delivers high quality analysis to its clients because it fully understands the capabilities of its flow solvers and the analysis is performed by an expert with more than 15 years of industrial experience. The combination of advanced flow modeling, customized analysis and extensive industry experience gives RPMTurbo's customers a unique advantage.